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Janisse Therapy
offers a unique combination of traditional physical therapy and integrative pain management techniques to help individuals enjoy the best health possible.

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Reduce Pain through Awareness of Movement and Posture

You bend down to pick up a sock from the floor and you feel your back snaps. Or you swing at that baseball one last time before leaving the field and pain shoots through your shoulder.

What's your first thought? Probably how to get rid of the pain. Or wondering why it's happened in the first place. Maybe you think this seems to happen often, and you've already been to many health professionals without getting lasting relief or answers to your questions.

What if you can get relief? Not just temporarily, but in a way that allows you to live a normal life again, to work, and to have plenty of energy to do what you love.

It's not as impossible as it may sound.

Movement Analysis
and Evaluation

Injuries are rarely the result of an isolated incident. Usually they happen because of bad habits in the way we move our bodies.

Do you slouch down in your chair in front of the TV? Do your shoulders slump as you sit at your computer? Do you lift heavy packages without bending your knees? Over time these habits cause progressive joint and tissue damage, making your body more susceptible to injury.

That's why movement analysis is a vital part of my physical therapy evaluation. It helps me uncover the reasons for your pain. It identifies areas of your body that are being stressed too much by habitual incorrect movements. This is particularly important before you begin a yoga or fitness program.

The evaluation has other components, too:

Muscle length and strength tests
Orthopedic tests, as needed
Neurological tests, as needed
Analysis of breathing patterns

Optional self-assessment of stress levels, Ayurvedic body type, and overall quality of life are available for those interested.

Marie and a client enjoying the afternnon

"With Marie Janisse's treatments, I've had the first 4 pain-free days in 20 years. A calmness has come over my body that I haven't felt in a long time."

M.P., Technology Executive
Chicago,  Illinois

"I woke up feeling like a new person. My session with you was transformational. I love your overall approach to healing - the care and analysis you put into your treatments, your individualized approach, the way you follow up with a phone call and additional information. Your treatment brought calm and clarity to my whole system."

E.S., Author/Speaker 
Santa Barbara, California

 "After a couple of sessions with Marie, my chronic back pain went away and I now know how to prevent its recurrence."

C.M., Educator 
Los Angeles, CA

What Does This
Mean for You?

My multi-layered evaluation gives me a more complete picture of your situation -- what's causing your pain and how it affects you. With this information, I design an individualized program of movements to help relieve your pain. As you become more aware of how to use your body in healthier ways, you learn to avoid injuries in the future.

Your program includes breathing and relaxation techniques to assist in reducing stress. This combination of stress management and physical therapy improves the overall results by allowing healing to occur on multiple levels. It clears the way for you to rediscover the abilities you may have thought you'd left behind and to improve the quality of your life.

You don't have to worry about forgetting the exercises. With the audiotape that I create especially for you, you can carry out your program precisely as required.

If you're in pain, please contact us. Janisse Therapy can help.


Also, Janisse Therapy offers special programs ideally suited for those who practice Yoga. Click here for more information.

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