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Janisse Therapy offers a unique combination of traditional physical therapy and integrative pain management techniques to help individuals enjoy the best health possible.



The Key to Safety in Yoga

Have you ever experienced a time when doing Yoga relieved your pain but the pain returned the following morning, possibly even more intensely? Yoga has been used for centuries to bring about awareness and renewal. So, how can this be?

Yoga places great emphasis on spinal flexibility. But, if you use asanas incorrectly to create excessive spinal flexibility or muscle length, you can damage your body.

"Long-term Yoga teachers have a higher than normal rate of disk degeneration, particularly those who have emphasized deep spinal stretches."

Gregory Johnson, PT, FFCFMT,
President of The Institute
of Physical Art, Inc.

Your Back

Contrary to popular portrayal, Yoga does not require excessive muscle length or excessive range of motion of the spine.

The key is to make sure that the back is stable. This reduces repetitive stress. It also prevents premature degeneration of the disks. An unstable back moves more readily than the hips, adding to wear and tear on the spine.

As a Yoga practitioner, it's important to understand the need for spinal stability and to be able to identify neutral spine. Then you can choose a Yoga program that reflects your needs.

Detect Movement

Rather than trying to stretch to the limit, the point of conscious practice is to increase your life force and support your health and longevity. You do this when you improve the quality of your movement.

When your joints are not moving correctly, every part of your movement system suffers. And when muscles are too long or too short, you may be stressing your joints each time you move.

At Janisse Therapy, we identify the signs of repetitive stress before the symptoms of pain or numbness occur.

" I am so grateful to you,  Marie.  I have such a different awareness and level of moving into my mind and body after working with you. You are just wonderful. I am so in love with the way that you teach: your tenderness, your intelligence, your compassion, your attention to detail. It's just extraordinary."

Psychotherapist,  Malibu,  CA

"Thank you, Marie Janisse, for helping me release entrenched patterns of postural use and movement which led to debilitating back spasms. I found the missing links needed to apply what I had previously learned from other mind/body disciplines."

Trager Practitioner,  Ventura, CA

How Can I Learn to
Move Correctly?

That's where Janisse Therapy can help. Once we identify your movement imbalances, you can change your old habits. With practice, new healthier habits become second nature to you. Your joints will last longer and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite activities for many years.

Call us at 805-569-1912 or e-mail us for more information or for an appointment. You know that all bodies are not alike and neither should all asana sequences be the same. Your Yoga program will be custom made for you.

The following article, "Correcting Movement Imbalances," will explain how our movement system works and the importance of carefully selecting exercises or Yoga postures. It explains how I evaluate your unique strengths and weaknesses and create a program to reflect your specific needs. This is a version of an article published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy #11, Oct, 2001.

To view the article, click on the cover:

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